Testing your Showroom

As well as previewing your store using the Preview Store button, we recommend creating a test buyer account (inviting yourself) to test the process of creating and submitting an order through your Showroom.  Testing your Showroom before publishing to your customers allows you to ensure your site is setup the way you want it to work.

Preview your store

You'll find a "Preview Store..." button at the top, right corner of the Showroom Configuration page.  See Showroom, Getting Started.

Invite yourself as a buyer

To test the order submission process and also to familiarize yourself with the invite process, we recommend inviting yourself as a buyer to your Showroom. To do this:

  1. Navigate to your Contacts>Customers from the left vertical menu.
  2. Click the "+ Invite" button on the top right.
  3. Enter your email address and example company details.
  4. Follow the invite link that should shortly arrive in your email inbox.
  5. Enter the details to create a Stitchex buyer account.

For additional information on how to setup your customers, refer to the Customers Article.  Once you "invited" yourself as a customer, you can view your account from the Showroom>Buyer Accounts menu.

Once logged into your Stitchex buyer account you should have access to your Showroom. If you don't, make sure that "Enable Showroom" is checked on your Showroom Settings page.

Any Products you have identified for your customers in their "Favorites" or "Related Products" will be added to their views.  For more information on those topics, see related Knowledge Articles.

Next steps

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