Your customers can submit their orders via your Showroom or in-person and all orders will appear on the Incoming Sales Orders screen.

From this screen, you can see the status of the orders (confirmed or draft), the dollar amount of the order, the customer name, the season and whether the order came in from your eCommerce Store.  This view is helpful because you may see an order that you thought was in "confirmed" state but still sitting in Draft state that needs your action.  You can drill down from that screen into the order and take the required action. 

All Orders

Your Sales Orders can be accessed from the left-hand navigation on any page (Figure 1). 

Figure 1:

In-Person Orders

If your customers submit their orders to you in person, you will create the order manually from your Sales Order page. See Creating a Sales Order for additional information.

Wholesale Incoming Orders

If your customers submit their orders through your Showroom, they will appear on your Sales Order page in Draft state and will need further actions by you in order to convert them to a "confirmed" order.

You will recognize the orders submitted from your eCommerce Store as they will be presented with a globe next to them in the Status column as demonstrated in Figure 2 below.  Note:  The status of incoming orders will not display as "confirmed" as shown in Figure 2 until you confirm the sale.  See Confirming a Sale for additional information.

Figure 2:

If your orders page is empty, you can follow the steps on Testing your Showroom to submit a test order.

Viewing an incoming order

To review the details of the order, click on the Customer's Name or the Order Number.  See Figure 2 above (e.g. Example Company Inc or 213, respectively).  You'll see the submitted order products and quantities as well as the customer details.

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