Consignment - Buyer Accounts

As you Ship your Consignment customers products, they will see their "Received" inventory counts increase.  In Figure 1, your Buyer received product SJ001.  The buyer received 50 in Size 1 and 20 each in Size 10.

Selling Products

As your Buyer sell's product, they will enter those quantities in the "Sales for this Period" field, then click "Confirm".  After hitting "Confirm", the quantity the Buyer enters in the "Sales for This Period" will be shown (or increased by if there were previous amounts) in the "Previously Sold" field.  And, their "Remaining Stock" will be decreased.  (See Figure 2).

Figure 2

As the Buyer purchases more products, this list will grow with the most current items listed at the top. 

The Save button is to save a draft if the Buyer needs to leave this screen and return.  However, once they hit "Confirm" those quantities are committed and the calculations will be performed as described above.

You cannot enter a value less than 0.

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