As a Wholesaler for a brand, your customer database in Stitchex contains company details for your retailers - whether they are purchasing from you in-person or on your showroom.  Your customer database includes their addresses and individual contact details.  It's also where you can find transaction details relating to particular customers, such as historical sales and open credit notes.

Note:  Your customers may also include direct-to-consumer contacts on Shopify or WooCommerce.  In this case, our integration can bring those orders into Stitchex.  See our integrations Article for additional information.

Each customer you add to your organization has some basic details (name, location, website etc) as well as default settings for any sale created for that customer, for example, the default payment terms and invoicing method for the customer.

In addition, each customer can have any number of sub-entries for people associated with the company. For example, billing contacts, delivery contacts or buyers.

Finally, customers can have multiple addresses that can later be selected as billing or shipping addresses during the sales process.

Entering customer data

  1. Navigate to the Companies page.
  2. Click the icon at the top-right to open the new customer form.
  3. Enter the basic customer details (only name is absolutely required).
  4. Click the "Create Company" to add the customer to your organisation.

You'll then be redirected to the customer details page from which you can add details for individuals at the company or billing/shipping addresses.

Stitchex also lets you enter contact and address data during the sales workflow, so is isn't strictly necessary to enter all of your customer data before getting started entering sales. You may, however, have an existing spreadsheet of contact data that you want to import.

You can also specify "tags" for your customers to help locate them more quickly in the future.  See our Tags Article for additional information.

Note: Currently, you cannot delete a individual contact that has been referenced from a sale or purchase order.

Add an individual contact

  1. Navigate to the associated company for this individual.
  2. Click the icon below "Contacts".
  3. Enter at least one pieces of contact information (name, phone or email)
  4. Click "Create Contact".

Add an address

  1. Navigate to the associated company for this individual.
  2. Click the icon below "Addresses".
  3. Enter at least one line of the address.
  4. Click "Create Address".

How contacts and addresses are applied to sales

When building a sale, you will be prompted to select address and contact data to fulfill various roles in the workflow (such as a customer's shipping contact or billing address).

Be aware that when selecting an address, Stitchex copies the address to the sale. Therefore, updating the address in the customer database will not automatically update the address on the associated sales. This makes it possible to override or adjust addresses on a sale by sale basis. It also preserves existing data in the sales database even if your customer's addresses change.

In contrast, when associating an individual (a person) with a sale (for example, the buyer), Stitchex doesn't make a copy of the contact data (phone number, email etc) and always shows you the latest data from the customer database.

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