Manufacturer details can be stored in your company database. You can store company information, addresses and individual contacts. Almost all the documentation that covers customers is also applicable to manufacturers. You should first read through the documentation on customers to learn about adding basic company, contact and address data. The following page adds information specific to manufacturers.

Adding a manufacturer

  1. Navigate to the Companies page.
  2. Click the button to bring up the new.
  3. At the minimum, enter the company's name and select "manufacturer" as the company type.
  4. A currency drop-down will appear - select the currency that your manufacturer accepts.
  5. Click the "Create Company" button. You will be taken to the details page for your newly created manufacturer.

You can later edit the manufacturer's name, location, currency and other settings by click the edit icon from the company details page.

Manufacturers & currencies

When creating a manufacturer, the currency you select is the currency in which your manufacturer quotes and charges. In turn, this will be the currency in which you enter manufacturing prices for associated products. It will also be the currency used when building a production order for this manufacturer.

You can change a manufacturer's currency at any time. Note that this will not change the currency of any existing production order. You should ensure that a manufacturer's currency is set correctly before you start to create production orders.

Also, when you change a manufacturer's currency, the currency of all product variation manufacturing price will also change. However, the manufacturing price will not automatically convert to the equivalent value in the new currency. For example, if you have a product with a manufacturing price of 10 EUR, changing the manufacturer's currency from EUR to GBP, will result in the product having a manufacturing price of 10 GBP.

Associating products with manufacturers

  1. Navigate to the relevant product.
  2. Under "Variations:" click the "Production" button.
  3. Select the manufacturer from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter a production price under "Unit price" if necessary.
  5. Click the "Update Product" button to save your changes.

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