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You will want to initially "seed" Stitchex with the products and orders in your online retail store using the "Pull" bulk upload method for your existing seasons so that you do not have to enter the manually one by one into Stitchex.  For all future products and seasons, we recommend using the "push" method whereby you create the products first in Stitchex and then push them to Shopify.

When you are ready to perform an eCommerce sale for a direct consumer, you can use the "Push All Products" feature.

In addition, if you make any changes to your products (prices, descriptions, images, etc.), you can hit the "Update in Shopify" button to push those updates to Shopify.

One-time Seeding from Shopify

If you already have product in your Shopify retail store that you want to upload into Stitchex, you would 

  1. Select Settings>Integration>Shopify
  2. Select your "Store" on the tab at the top
  3. In the "Select season for published products" fields and "Select season for unpublished products" fields, select which season you want to "import" (sync) from Shopify.
  4. Specify whether you want to import the prices on the "Do you want to import prices?" box.
  5. Click "Pull All Products"

Once this is complete, you should not use the Pull All Products feature again.  You would Create New Products in Stitchex and "Push All Products" to Shopify.  

You will also need to link these newly seeded products on each product you imported on the Product's eCommerce tab (scroll to end of document).  

Push All Products (or Updates) to Shopify

To Push All Products to Shopify or Update All Products in Shopify with new Seasons, select the new season name in "Push all products for season to Shopify" field, then click "Push All Products" or "Update In Shopify".  You would "Update In Shopify" if those products are already there and have established links.  You may want to update them if they had changes to their descriptions, images or pricing.  You would "Push All Products" if it is a new season and you do not have the products in Shopify.

Orders and Customers

If you have orders or Customers in Shopify that you want to pull into Stitchex, use the Order section.  This bulk upload should only be performed once for initial population of the data in Stitchex.  All future orders and customers should be created within Stitchex.  For customer orders, this only goes back for the last 90 days and Stitchex will not pull in cancelled orders.  

"Pull all orders" from Shopify creates the order in draft with a "Shopify invoicing" method. The Totals for the Orders are always pulled from Shopify. The Orders are automatically Confirmed, Invoice and Payments are created for them automatically as well. Stitchex will not manage the tracking of that information for those legacy orders.  Any new orders created in Stitchex (first), Stitchex will track the confirmations, invoices and payments through the normal life cycle.


See the Activity section to learn more about what Shopify activity has transpired on your account.

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