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Getting Started

  • Introduction - Welcome to Stitchex:  Overview of Knowledge Articles Available.
  • Overview of Knowledge Articles - List of all Knowledge Articles with a brief description and link directly to the Article
  • Navigation Overview - Overview of navigating through various screens within Stitchex.
  • Dashboard - Use the Dashboard for a quick view of the health and status of your business including revenues, sales orders, shipments, production orders and other activity.
  • Launch a New Brand - How to Launch a New Brand in Stitchex.
  • Manage your Subscription - Manage your Subscription to Stitchex and see your payment history.

Product Management

Getting Started:

Managing Your Product Details:

Importing & Exporting Products:

Managing Customer Views:

  • Line Sheets - Generate Line Sheets for your products to share with your customers
  • Product Display Order - Manage how your products are displayed on your orders, documents and Showroom
  • Hiding Seasons - Hide Seasons from your reports, documents and Showrooms

Managing Products & Seasons:

Other Information Documents:

  • Sales by Product Feature - Quantities (by Size) & Status of Sales by Products (Ordered, Shipped, Remaining to Ship, etc.)

People Profiles 

Order Management (Sales)

Managing Sales:

Transaction Related Documents:

  • Returns - Create returns for consignments or other reasons
  • Cancellations - Learn more about cancelling full or partial Sales Orders

Informational Documents:


Financial Management

Manage Inventory

  • NEW:  Two-Step Shipping - New feature to allocate product for your customer without shipping until all products are ready to be shipped together.
  • Pick & Pack - Create Pick Tickets for your warehouse/shipping staff
  • Shipping - Group your products into multiple "pick tickets" and convert into shipments
  • Managing EAN/UPC Codes - Manage your EAN/UPC Codes used for printing labels with Barcodes for your Products
  • Inventory Management - Manage Inventory levels as you ship products to your customers and receive products from your manufacturers
  • Inventory Reports - Create Current Inventory, Required Inventory and Available to Sell Reports
  • Sample Workflow - Inventory Changes - Sample Workflow to for Inventory Changes with your Sales and Production Orders

Managing your Production

Manage your Showrooms and eCommerce Store 

Buyer Accounts - Showrooms & eCommerce


Integrations - Shopify

Integrations ShipStation

Other Integrations

  • Bergen Logistics - Keep inventory in sync between Stitchex and Bergen Logistics, the 3PL provider. (Draft State To Be Validated)
  • Dropbox Integration - Learn how to connect your Dropbox cloud storage to Stitchex for all of your PDFs 
  • QuickBooks - Learn how to integrate your QuickBooks with Stitchex Integrations
  • Xero Accounting Integration - Learn how to integrate your Xero accounting with Stitchex

Integrations - WooCommerce


  • Email Notifications - Send automatic email notifications to your customers
  • Notifications - Receive alerts when there's activity in your Showroom, eCommerce or Accounting
  • Document Attachments - Manage attachments that can be shared with your customers, suppliers and manufacturers
  • Seasons - Arrange your products, sales and production into seasons
  • Sizing systems - Manage the sizes for your products
  • Managing Tags - Create Customer Tags or Product Tags
  • Numbering - Set starting points for the automatic assignment of invoice numbers, shipment numbers and more
  • Paperwork - Manage settings for PDFs generated through Stitchex
  • Multiple Warehouses - Enable and manage multiple warehouses for your sales and production orders
  • Agencies - Segment sales and invoices and report on your sales by sales agency 
  • Bank details - Setup bank details for your invoices
  • Card Payment Fees - Manage processing fees for credit cards
  • Channels - Set different pricing streams for your products
  • Currencies - Define default currencies for dashboards, cost of goods sold and reports
  • Tax Home Currency - Set your Tax Home Currency to be automatically applied to multiple Stitchex documents.

Stitchex Mobile App

  • Getting Started - Manage your business while you are "on the go" with Stitchex Mobile App
  • Navigating - Learn how to navigate within your Stitchex Mobile App
  • Customer Profiles - Manage your Customers' profiles on your Stitchex Mobile App
  • Sales Orders - Enter Stitchex Sales Orders on your Stitchex Mobile App

Developer API 

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