Product Management Overview

Did you know that consistently communicating merchandising product information is key to success in selling products?

Now, you have a platform to help you do just that. With Stitchex, you can manage products, color and size variations, images, descriptions, prices and much more.

Use the same consistent product messaging whether you are

  • creating line sheets for offline sales
  • selling direct-to-consumer on your eCommerce store or a third-party marketplace
  • setting up your own wholesale B2B store with Stitchex
  • simply keeping your customers informed with order confirmations, invoices, packing lists/delivery notes

Stitchex will help you keep product information consistent across all customer communication.

Manage your Products 

  • Line Sheets - Generate Line Sheets for your products to share with your customers

Manage your Showrooms and eCommerce Store 

Manage your Sales 

  • Creating Sales - Learn how to create a sale within Stitchex
  • Confirming a sale - Learn about the sales workflow; Moving Orders from Draft State to Confirmed State
  • Edit the Contents of a sale - Adding, editing and removing products on a sale
  • Cancelling Order Items
  • Returns - Create returns for consignments or other reasons
  • Invoicing  - Customize your  Invoices and choose your invoice strategies
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