Connecting to Shopify

Connecting to your WooCommerce allows real-time data sync between Stitchex and your WooCommerce retail stores for your products.  Your Stitchex and WooCommerce retail "available to sell inventory" will be linked so that when they are received from your supplier they will be reflected in WooCommerce.  Before the links can be setup, you will need to enable the "WooCommerce Connection".

You can manage the connection between your Stitchex account and your WooCommerce store from the WooCommerce integration settings page within Stitchex under Settings>Integration.

  1. Make sure you are signed in to your organisation owner account.
  2. Navigate to the Settings > Integrations page.
  3. Navigate to the WooCommerce integration settings page.
  4. Enter your Shopify store URL (starting with https:// or http://)
  5. Enter the other information on your Stitchex WooCommerce Settings page.  These are explained further in this document.
  6. Click the Save Changes button and the "Connect to WooCommerce..." button.
  7. You will be redirected to WooCommerce pages - follow their on-screen instructions.  (Figure 2)

Figure 1

Figure 2:

WooCommerce pricing channel

If you use Stitchex to quickly upload a new product to WooCommerce, prices for the product will be taken from this channel. This settings is not involved in the automatic update of inventory levels.  For additional information see Stitchex Knowledge Article on Channels.

Stitchex Warehouse

Select which Warehouse you want products delivered from to your retail store.  For additional information see Stitchex documentation on Multiple Warehouses.

Quantity to sync to Shopify

This is the quantity level to sync to WooCommerce. Usually you will want to leave this as the default setting, "Available to sell from stock" (described in Manage WooCommerce Inventories). If you want to allow online customers to purchase units of inventory destined for your wholesale orders, you can change this setting to "In stock" which will sync your basic in-stock inventory levels to WooCommerce. You should bear in mind that you may have a shortfall when you come to ship your wholesale orders, and it will then be up to you to cancel any "oversold" units from those wholesale orders before shipping.

Color and Size

Specify the name of your Color and Size fields within your WooCommerce system. These are the fields that Stitchex will update and link with your SKUs and variations.  

Next Steps

Now that your Stitchex account is connected to your WooCommerce store, you can proceed to link your individual products so that Stitchex knows how to keep ATS inventory levels in sync.

We recommend creating the products in Stitchex and pushing to your WooCommerce store.

See Completing Product Setup (eCommerce).  

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