Stitchex handles the core processes in any fashion label - maintaining product data, sales orders, production, shipping, material purchasing, costings and inventory. This documentation should guide you through the many features of Stitchex. If you find anything unclear or think that our documentation is in any way lacking, please let us know.

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The first thing you will see when you login to Stitchex is your Dashboard.  For an overview, please see our Dashboard Knowledge Article.


You may need a little extra help navigating Stitchex at first.  Feel free to view our Navigation Overview Knowledge Article for extra help.

Business Specific Modules

Other Business-Specific Knowledge Articles you may find helpful:

Manage your Products 

Manage your Customers & Vendor Profiles 

Manage your Sales 

Manage your Inventory 

  • Two-Step Shipping (New!) - New feature to allocate product for your customer without shipping until all products are ready to be shipped together 
  • Pick & Pack - Create Pick Tickets for your warehouse/shipping staff
  • Shipping - Group your products into multiple "pick tickets" and convert into shipments
  • Inventory - Manage Inventory levels as you ship products to your customers and receive products from your manufacturers
  • Reports - Create Current Inventory, Required Inventory and Available to Sell Reports

Managing your Production

Manage your Showrooms and eCommerce Store 


  • Bergen Logistics - Keep inventory in sync between Stitchex and Bergen Logistics, the 3PL provider.
  • WooCommerce - Connect your WooCommerce store to Stitchex to keep inventory in sync
  • Xero Accounting
  • Shopify - Connect your Shopify store to Stitchex to keep inventory in sync
  • Dropbox


  • Email Notifications - Send automatic email notifications to your customers
  • Document Attachments - Manage attachments that can be shared with your customers, suppliers and manufacturers
  • Notifications - Receive alerts when there's activity in your Showroom, eCommerce or Accounting
  • Managing Tags - Create Customer Tags or Product Tags
  • Multiple Warehouses - Enable and manage multiple warehouses for your sales and production orders
  • Numbering - Set starting points for the automatic assignment of invoice numbers, shipment numbers and more
  • Paperwork - Manage settings for PDFs generated through Stitchex
  • Seasons - Arrange your products, sales and production into seasons
  • Sizing systems - Manage the sizes for your products
  • Agencies - Segment sales and invoices and report on your sales by sales agency 
  • Bank details - Setup bank details for your invoices
  • Card Payment Fees - Manage processing fees for credit cards
  • Channels - Set different pricing streams for your products
  • Currencies - Define default currencies for dashboards, cost of goods sold and reports

Developer API 

  • Stitchex API for developers 
  • Webhooks
  • Product API
  • Inventory API: Pick Tickets
  • Inventory API: Receiving Tickets
  • Inventory API:  Stock Operations
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