Dropbox integration

Stitchex integrates with the Dropbox cloud storage service to provide you with an automatically updated copy of all your generated PDFs within your Dropbox folder. All of your PDFs will automatically synchronize to your desktop computer or any other devise linked to your Dropbox account.

Set up a connection to Dropbox

  • Navigate to Settings > Dropbox.
  • Click the Connect to Dropbox button.
  • You will be redirected to Dropbox's website. Submit your Dropbox login credentials on the Dropbox site.

As you create PDFs in Stitchex, they will be automatically copied to your Dropbox account and you will notice them syncing with your other devises.

All files are added to the Apps → Stitchex folder within your Dropbox.

Syncing existing documents to Dropbox

You can have all your existing invoices by clicking the Resync all files button on the Dropbox settings page. This button is only visible if your account is connected to Dropbox (see above).

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