Xero accounting integration

Connecting your Stitchex account to your Xero Accounting account lets you "push" invoices from Stitchex into Xero. Stitchex can also periodically query Xero to add payments to your invoices based on payments already recorded in Xero.

Connecting to Xero

Before you can push data to your Xero account, you'll need to connect Xero to Stitchex using your Xero login:

  • Navigate to Settings > Xero.
  • Click the Connect to Xero button.
  • You will be redirected to Xero's website. Submit your Xero login credentials and choose the Xero organisation that you wish to push invoices to.


When an invoice is pushed from Stitchex to Xero, Stitchex assigns the nominal account codes to the product and shipping components of the invoice. You can choose the nominal account codes to use from the Xero settings page.

You can also override the product sales nominal account code on a customer by customer basis by editing the specific customer details:

  • Navigate to the customer details page via the Companies tab
  • Click on the pencil/edit icon to edit the customer details.
  • Choose the product sales account code under "Xero product sales account code".
  • Click Save Changes.
  • The change will apply to all future pushed invoices.

Pushing a single invoice to Xero

After connecting your Stitchex account to your Xero organisation (see above), you'll start to see "Push to Xero" buttons in Stitchex when you view an invoice:

Pushing all invoices to Xero

Push all existing invoices to Xero. This can be done from the Xero settings page within your Stitchex account. Navigate to Settings > Xero. You will see an overview of how many invoices have not yet been pushed to Xero:

Click Push Remaining Invoices to push all remaining invoices to your Xero organisation.

You will see notifications popup on the screen as your invoices are successfully (or unsuccessfully) pushed to your Xero organisation.

You can see a log of all Xero syncing activity on your Xero settings page.

Pulling payments from Xero to Stitchex

Stitchex can query Xero for payment information and create matching payments within your Stitchex account. To have Stitchex request payment information for your Xero linked invoices, click the "Pull payments from Xero" button on your Xero settings page:

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