This page will guide you through the various invoicing options present in Stitchex, how to customize you invoices.

For information on exporting invoices to your accounting software please see our guide to integrating with Xero.

Creating invoices

When you confirm a sale you will be presented a choice of invoice strategy. You should decide which invoicing method makes most sense for your business (or for the particular customer).

Choosing SINGLE INVOICE will let you create a single invoice for the entire contents of the order.

Choosing DEPOSIT AND BALANCE will start a two invoice workflow. First a (VAT) invoice will automatically be created for the deposit. The goods value will be adjusted down to the percentage you specify. Later you will create a second invoice for the balance (usually before shipping the goods). Any early settlement discount will be applied to both invoices. Shipping costs are not included on the deposit invoice (but will be included on the balance invoice) and there is no way to accept a deposit on shipping costs.

Choosing SHIPMENTS will allow you to create an invoice for each shipment you create. The invoice will cover only the goods in the related shipment.

Choose CONSIGNMENT for consignment sales (also known as "sale or return"). After shipping the entire order, you will be able to create invoices for arbitrary quantities as they are sold be the consignee.

Viewing and editing invoices

If you click an invoice number within Stitchex, you'll be taken to the relevant sale workflow page, with the invoice displayed in the lower section:

You can edit invoice details by clicking the edit icon in the upper right. To maintain consistency, the product/quantity content of an invoice cannot be changed after creation. The aspects that can, however, be updated are:

  • Date
  • Due date
  • Shipping/freight costs
  • Invoice number
  • Extra notes to show on the invoice PDF

You can edit these invoice details by clicking the edit icon in the upper right corner of the invoice.

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