Pro-forma invoices

After confirming a sale, you may optionally choose to create a pro-forma invoice, detailing the content and terms for the sale. This provides an opportunity to provide the customer with deposit terms before actually raising an invoice.

Please note that pro-forma invoices in Stitchex do not behave like normal invoices. They do not have any affect on accounts receivable, cannot have payments or credits applied to them and are not exportable to Xero or other accounting systems. This is because a pro-forma invoice represents an offer or intension to trade and is always followed up by a "real" invoice (if the sale proceeds). For the same reason, pro-forma invoices are also not VAT invoices and cannot be used to reclaim VAT.

Creating a pro-forma invoice

When confirming your sale, you will be asked whether or not you wish to create a pro-forma invoice. At other times, you can create a pro-forma invoice by selecting the "Create" dropdown above your sale "Documents" area (at the top-right of the sale page), and choosing "Pro-forma Invoice".

Adding shipping costs to a pro-forma invoice

To add shipping charges to a pro-forma invoice, navigate to your original order line items, then click the edit icon next to "Shipping cost" in the total rows beneath the order content:

Enter the shipping cost net of VAT/tax. Tax will be applied to the shipping cost at the level set on the sale overall.

The shipping cost entered here will be used as the default shipping cost for any future invoice created for this sale.

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