Confirming a sale

The DRAFT state

Sales created in Stitchex start their existence in the DRAFT state. In this state, you will add products to build your tentative customer order. You can also create a line sheet for your customer, collect further customer details, make notes etc.

In the draft state you can print an Order Confirmation document to send to the customer. You can regenerate and resend this document to your customer as you make changes to the order.

Draft sales are not included in production requirements. That is to say, Stitchex won't suggest you manufacture products to cover quantities present in draft sales. Only confirmed sales are included in those.

A new sale needs to contain products and have some contact details entered before it can be confirmed. If your sale can't yet be confirmed, you may see some required steps listed at the top right of the sale page:

When you area ready, you can mark the order as confirmed by clicking the "Confirm" button.


Once confirmed, the contents of the original order are locked. If you need to add products to the order, you will need to revert the order back to the unconfirmed, draft state before reconfirming. To cancel products or reduce quantities you can create a Cancellation document and optionally a Credit Note.

Only confirmed orders are included in the production requirements that Stitchex calculates. You can view your production requirements on the "Required by SKU" inventory report.

Reverting to an unconfirmed state

To revert a sale back to its unconfirmed/draft state, you will need to remove any invoices, shipments or credit notes created for the sale. When it is possible to unconfirm at sale, you will see an "Unconfirm..." link below the confirmation status area:

Completing a sale

When all quantities in a sale have been shipped (or cancelled), and all quantities have been invoiced and paid for Stitchex will automatically mark the sale as completed.

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