A sale represents a single purchase transaction with a customer. Typically you will have one sale per customer per season.

Creating a sale

Create a sale by:

  • Navigate to the Sales Order page.
  • Click on the plus sign (+) in the top right corner.
  • In the "New draft sale" dialog box, enter the Company Name, select the "Season" and specify the "Channel".

See additional information about Channels

The sale details page

At the top of the sale details page, you'll see three empty bars representing the status of your sale. This "status area" shows the overall status of the sale (whether it's been confirmed, is complete or is still in the draft state), the financial status (of any invoices raised for the sale), and the fulfillment status.

As your sale progresses from draft to complete, you'll see these status bars turn green. An orange bar represents a intermediate state (partially shipped or partially paid for).

The area below the progress bar contains the customer details and details of the individual sale (e.g. payment terms, agent name, billing address etc). You can click the various links to enter or later edit the data shown here.

At the top-right is the "Documents" area. As you process your sale, you'll see a list of documents (invoices, credit notes, cancellations etc) accumulate in this area. You can navigate to a particular document by clicking the document number. The document will appear in the center of the page.

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