Edit the contents of a sale

The content of a sale can be modified while the sale remains unconfirmed. While unconfirmed you can add any products that the buyer has expressed an interested in, print a line sheet, gather customer details etc.

Adding products to a sale

On a sale details page, the content of the sale is displayed in the bottom part of the screen. When you have a new empty sale, the screen will look something like this:

Click the "add products" link or the icon to bring up the "Select Products" dialog:

At the top of the dialog, you can filter products by category, name or identifier. Each product is listed with it's colorways/variations. Use the checkboxes to select which product variations to add to the order. When you've selected all the desired products, click "Add Products"

You're products will appear in the order content area of the sale workflow page:

They will appear in an editable mode - enter desired quantities if you have them and click "Save Changes". You can also edit the unit price if necessary.

Editing product quantities

To edit quantities of an existing line item, or lines items, click the icon next to the right of the item. The line item will toggle into an editable mode with inputs for each size quantity.

Clicking the at the top of the order will immediately put all line items into edit mode.

Always remember to click the "Save Changes" button to save your changes.

Removing products

Use the to delete a product from the sale.

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