Locating Individual Sales Orders

The Sales Order list allows you to search for customer orders by customer name, customer "tag", order date or other filters.

Click on Sales Order from your main, left vertical menu.


Click on the column headings in blue to sort ascending or descending (toggle) to locate your order.  These are the fields that you can sort:

  • Customer Name 
  • Season
  • Order Number
  • Order Date 
  • Start Ship Date


Use the Search feature to Filter for your order list for a specific customer.


Use filtering to search for your order based on any number of these attributes:

  • Season
  • Sales 
  • Channels
  • Agents

Locating Customer Sales History

You can also see the Sales History for a particular customer by bringing up your customer's profile (Contacts>Customers).  The Sales History for all of their orders is at the bottom below their profile.  Click on the Order number to bring up that particular order. 

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