Manage Documents Overview

Within the Sales Order, there are two types of documents that you can manage:

  • Transaction Related Documents
  • Informative Documents

Transaction Related Documents

The Transaction Related Documents are accessed from the drop down menu on the top, right of your Sales Order within the "Create" button as illustrated in Figure 1 below.  

You can create:

You can navigate to a particular document by clicking the document number. The document will appear in the center of the page.  If you want to "create" any of these documents, click on the drop down menu option in the Create button.

Figure 1

Figure 2 below shows what the top part of the Documents area will look after you create a few documents.

Figure 2:

For more information on those documents, please refer to the corresponding Knowledge Articles.

Informative Documents (Output PDFs)

At the bottom of the screen within your specific Order section (where you added your products), you'll see another "Create Documents" area as shown in Figure 3.  These documents are generally documents that you will print, download or email to your customer.

  • Order Confirmation - Products will be listed in the "Display Order".  See Product>Setup.  
  • Line Sheet
  • Line Sheet with Quantities
  • Task Tickets - Task Tickets are very similar to Order Confirmations except it will NOT have the following:
  1.  In top section:  Customer column, Ship to column
  2. In main orders section:  Price and Total
  3. In bottom section:  Payment terms, Extra text, Signature box, Footer

Figure 3

Product Bundling

For information on how Documents are handled for Bundled Products, please see our Combination Product (Bundling) Knowledge Article.  

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