Shipping Charges

Shipping charges can be added to any invoice (other than deposit invoices). In addition, expected shipping costs can be specified during order confirmation and the cost shown on order confirmation PDFs and pro-forma invoices.

Expected/pro-forma shipping charges

You can specify a shipping charge to show on the order confirmation PDF (and use a default charge when invoicing) by clicking the edit icon next to "Shipping cost" in the total rows beneath the order content:

Enter the shipping cost net of VAT/tax. Tax will be applied to the shipping cost at the level set on the sale overall.

The shipping cost entered here will be used as the default shipping cost for any future invoice created for this sale.

Adding shipping charges to invoices

To add the shipping cost to an invoice, click on the edit icon when viewing the invoice. Shipping charges cannot currently be included on order confirmations or pro-forma invoices.

You add the shipping charges net of VAT/tax.

If you have linked your account with Xero or Quickbooks, you should add shipping charges to your invoice before pushing the invoice to Xero or Quickbooks.

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