Importing product data

From the Products page, click on the "upload" button at top-right to open the Upload dialog:

You'll notice a link to download example spreadsheets that describe the exact structure required for your spreadsheet before uploading. You should download these and transform your existing spreadsheet into the same format with the same column headers before attempting to upload.

You can upload either a .xls or a .csv file - both are supported.

Product spreadsheet import fields

 The unique product identifier. If a product exists with this identifier, it will be updated, otherwise a new product will be created. Required field.

 The season name. Required field.

 The product category name. If the category doesn't yet exist, a new category will be created. Required field.

 Short product name.

 The longer product description.

 The comma-seperated sizing system for this product. For example, "S, M, L, XL, XXL". Required field.

 Color that distinguishes this product variation. If your product has multiple variations in color of fabric, you will have one row for each variation in your spreadsheet with different values in this column. If your product doesn't have color/fabric variations, then you will have a single row (and you must still provide a value in this column). Required field.

wholesale_price (<channel name> <channel currency>)
 Wholesale price for specified channel for this product variation. For example, if you have a single channel named "Wholesale", with a US Dollar currency, then this column will be labelled "wholesale_price (Wholesale USD)". If you have multiple channels you may have multiple columns, one for each channel.

msrp (<channel name> <channel currency>)
 MSRP (suggested retail price) for specified channel for this product variation. See above for column naming example. You may have several of these columns in your spreadsheet if you have multiple channels set up in you account.

 Manufacturing cost for this product, in the manufacturer's currency.

 Manufacturer's currency. If this isn't an existing manufacturer, this is currency that will be used when setting up the new manufacturer company record.

 Name of manufacturer to associate with this variation. If no manufacturer company exists with this name, then a new manufacturer will be created.

 Two letter ISO code (e.g. GB, US, CN) that corresponds to the product variation's country of manufacturing origin.

textile_content The textile content value for the product variation.

 US harmonized tariff code for the product variation.

 The manufacturer identification code for the product variation. For more info, see

 EU member state intrastat code for the product variation.

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