Allow Stitchex to help you generate Line Sheets for your products to share with your customers to include:

  • Products within your season
  • Product Images, color & sizing
  • Wholesale & suggested retail pricing
  • Other product details (e.g. textile content)

Generating a line sheet

To generate a line sheet:

  1. Navigate to the Line Sheets page from the main left vertical menu
  2. Click the plus sign in the tools menu


  1. Navigate to the Products page.
  2. Choose a season to filter your products.
  3. If necessary, filter the product list further.
  4. Select "Create Line Sheet" from the tools menu:

After a few moments, you'll then be navigated to your new line sheet details page. From this page you can use the buttons to download or email the line sheet PDF file.

To view all existing line sheets, click on Line Sheets in the top-left menu.

Customizing Line Sheet content and layout

You can change a line sheet date, pricing channel etc by navigating to your Line Sheets page and clicking through to Edit the particular line sheet.  After making your changes, be sure to click the Save Changes button.  Here are some of the items you can customize:

Removing products from Line Sheets

When editing an existing line sheet, individual variations can be removed using the red Remove buttons.

Sharing your Line Sheet

Once you have Saved your changes, click the "Regenerate" button at the top right.  When the PDF has been regenerated, you will have three methods to share:

  1.  Download
  2. Email
  3. Tracked & Multi Customer Share  


If you select Download, the PDF will open in your browser.  You should see a download icon or print icon in the top right as illustrated below:


If you select Email, your default email client will open.  Note at the bottom you will have an opportunity to include "additional attachments" with your email send.  Select the documents you want to include and deselect the documents you do not want to include.  These attachments can be managed by you in Settings>Attachments

Tracked & Multi Customer Share

You may also select from the list of your customers on the bottom of the screen to send to multiple people.  Stitchex will keep track of who has seen the Line Sheet that you shared with them as well as the date they were sent and they date they viewed it:

Additional Information

See more information about Channels to learn how you can setup different pricing streams for your customers (e.g. Wholesale customers or Private customers).

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