Product Images

Add images of your products so that your buyers can browse, build and submit orders from your your Showroom (B2B/wholesale eCommerce) and retail eCommerce stores.


Uploading a Product Image to your product

Step 1:  

  • From the Product Details tab of your product, click on the Images tab located on the top, horizontal main menu to switch your view.

Step 2:  Adding Images

  • “Drag and Drop” your products' image(s) to the appropriate “Color” section (e.g. red, green blue, black, etc.). Or, click on the “+” sign to add photos as illustrated below.
  • Colorways - These color sections are defined when the product is initial created in the "Colorways" field.  See Creating a New Product for additional information.  
  • Size of Image - Your image must be square with a resolution of 1080x1080 to 2160x2160.  Standard file formats work including jpeg, etc.
  • Multiple Images - You may add as many images as you would like for one color.  Example usage of multiple images:  Front, back or side view of a particular product-color combination of a garment as illustrated above.. 

Step 3:  Final Touches

  • Cover Image - While you may have 30 images for one Product Image, there are some places within Stitchex that will only display one image.   For those situations, you can specify which single image you want to use by selecting that image and clicking (checking) the "cover image" box as illustrated below.
  • Saving - Save your Images by clicking on the blue Save button.

Next Steps:

  • See Swatch Image, Standard Colors for additional information.
  • Once your Product Images, Swatch Colors/Image Colors are added, you can link them to your Showroom (B2B/wholesale eCommerce) and retail eCommerce stores.  
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