Production deliveries

After confirmation, a production order can be received into inventory in one or more "deliveries" allowing you to see what products are available to ship to your customers.

A delivery is just a grouping of production that is received by you at one time. You build a delivery record in much the same way as you build a shipment for a customer order. When you've finished entering the products and quantities received, you can "check" the items into inventory.

Create a delivery

Ensure that your production order is confirmed. Then, to create a delivery:

  1. From the "Create" drop-down choose "Delivery".
  2. Click the check boxes on the left to select the line items that you are receiving.
  3. Amend quantities if necessary and click the "Create delivery" button.

You'll then be taken to view the new, draft delivery. Note that your inventory levels won't be updated until you mark this delivery as checked into inventory.

From here you can add a reference to the delivery (click the button), edit quantities or add additional products, and eventually check the items into your inventory.

Check delivery into inventory

  1. From your production order, click on the delivery in question.
  2. Click the "Check in →" button to add the quantities to your inventory.

Inventory levels will be updated and you will be redirected back the delivery. You'll notice that the quantities are now locked. If you made a mistake, it's possible to reverse the check-in by clicking the "Reverse ↩" link at the bottom-left.

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