Purchase orders

Material purchase orders can be created to order raw materials from your suppliers. Stitchex will help you build an order for your supplier with the quantities necessary to cover your sales and production. If you add sales later, Stitchex can let you build an order for the additional materials or increase quantities in an existing tentative order.

Each purchase order is linked to a particular supplier. You'll need to enter your supplier's details on the Companies page and associated your raw materials with that supplier before building your purchase order.

Creating a purchase order

  1. Navigate to the Purchase Orders page using the left-hand menu.
  2. Click the button.
  3. Choose the season, supplier and an optional label (for your own reference).
  4. Click "Create Purchase Order".

You should see an empty purchase order for the chosen supplier. Below the (empty) order content you will see an area containing suggested materials and quantities that you can quickly add to the order:

If you don't see anything in this area, then make sure that:

  1. Your raw materials are associated with the supplier (check that by updating the raw materials database).
  2. You have set up the raw material composition of your products.
  3. You have confirmed your sales orders.
  4. You haven't already created (and populated) a material purchase order for this supplier.

Adding additional materials

Provided that the material is associated with the supplier, you can add any material (regardless of its requirement status) to the order by searching by name or reference with the search box in the suggestions area.

Note that the suggestions area is only visible for unconfirmed (unlocked) purchase orders. If you want to unlock any existing order to alter quantities or materials, use the "unconfirm" link at the top-right.

Changing delivery address, payment terms or tax level

You can change various properties of the purchase order by clicking the pencil .

Confirming the purchase order

When you have finished building your purchase order you can mark it as "confirmed" (and lock the order) using the button at the top-right of the page.

Printing the purchase order

You can download, print or email the purchase order PDF via the documents drop-down above the order contents:

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