Sizing systems

A sizing system is simply the list of sizes that your product sells in, separated by a comma. For example, "S, M, L" would define a sizing system with three sizes, "S", "M" and "L".

When you enter your first product, you'll enter the sizing system manually. When adding subsequent products, you'll be able to choose from a drop-down of previously entered sizing systems.

TIP: If your product comes in just one size, enter "One Size" or "O/S" as your sizing system, rather than the specific dimensions. This will minimise the number of different sizing systems, improving the appearance of paperwork and maintaining the ease of the use of the software. If you need to specify dimensions of your products, add the dimensions to the product name or description.

Adding and removing sizes

After creation, you can edit a sizing system by selecting an alternative sizing system from the drop-down list, or by clicking the "edit sizing system" link and directly editing the comma-separated list of sizes.

Please note that, for a given product, once you start selling or manufacturing a particular size, you will not longer be able to remove that size from the sizing system. If you try, Stitchex will present an error letting your know that the size is "in use".

Renaming a size

If you want to rename a size, you can do that by clicking the "rename a size" link below the sizing system drop-down.

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