Adding "agencies" to your account allows you to segment sales and invoices and report on your sales by sales agency. They also allow for limiting of access to data based on the agency that the user login is associated with. Users from each agency can access your Stitchex account and collaborate on sales for the customers related to that particular agency only.

Adding an agency

Navigate to Settings > Agencies to view and maintain your list of agencies. You can add a new agency entry using the '+' button at the top-right.

Associate a user login with an agency

To provide an agent with access restricted to the sales associated with a single agency, navigate to Settings > Users & Permissions.

The result of associating a user with an agency are:

  • The user will only be able to see customers under the Companies page (suppliers and manufacturers will be hidden).
  • Each new customer entered into Stitchex will be automatically associated with the agency.
  • All sales reports will only reflect figures for sales associated with the agency.
  • The user will lose access to all inventory reports other than "Available to sell" which is useful during in-season selling periods.
  • Dashboard data including turnover, sales, and overdue invoices will only reflect sales associated with the agency.
  • Other access is determined via the general permissions settings for the user.

Associate a customer with an agency

To associate a customer with an agency, navigate to the customer in question, click the pencil/edit icon to edit the customer details and choose the agency from the relevant drop-down.

When an agency associated user creates a new customer, the customer is automatically associated with the agency.

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