The Showroom feature allows your retail customers to browse your products, enter their order quantities and submit their wholesale orders online. You can control what products appear in your store, who can access your store and who can submit orders.

Currently, Stitchex Showrooms are accessible only to customers you invite to your store. You can invite customers from the Customers page.  Click on Contacts>Customers from the left vertical menu. Then, the plus sign on the top right. 

For additional information on how to setup your customers, refer to the Customers Article.  Once you "invited" your customers, you can view their accounts from the Showroom>Buyer Accounts menu.

When a customer submits an order, you will receive an email notification and the submitted order will appear in your Sales Orders page. With a few clicks you can convert a submitted order to a draft sale to continue the confirmation and invoicing process.  See Managing Sales section of the Order Management Help Articles.

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