Showroom, Getting Started

This page will guide you through setting up and previewing your Showroom. It assumes you already have a season containing at least one product to list on your Showroom.

Showroom Settings

Navigate to your general Showroom configuration page by clicking on the plus sign (+) next to Showroom on the leftmost vertical menu.  From the pop up menu, select "Configuration". 

On this screen, you will be presented with global configuration settings as shown in the image below.  Explanations for configuration are noted on that configuration page.  Additional field explanation are also provided in this article below this image:

Brand logo

You will want to upload a brand logo for your store. When a buyer you have invited to your store logs in to their Stitchex account, they will see this logo as their entry point into your store. The image uploaded will be resized to fit in a 4:3 (portrait) ratio space. You can preview how your logo looks before saving your settings to your live store.  (See "Enable" And "Disable" Showroom below).

Store brand name

Enter the name of you brand as it should appear in your Showroom. By default, Stitchex will use your company name as set in your general settings.

Store URL

If you do not already have an online presence for your retail or wholesale site, you can create a URL here.  Your Stitchex URL will be plus whatever you put into this field.  If you do not specify anything in this field, you will need to browse for and select your Store from a list of all other Stitchex stores.  As such, we recommend you type something in this field.  As an example, if you type "Boutique", then your URL will be   

Also, if you do not complete this field, your URL may also show something like when you navigate to it.

Custom Domain

If you already have an online presence and would prefer to use your own URL, you can use this Custom Domain field.  do not want your store listed under a Stitchex URL, you want to add Stitchex as a subdomain under your existing domain.  You would add a "CNAME" record with a "host" called "" to your DNS table.  If you do not know how to add a CNAME record to your website, you should contact your Internet Service Provider directly.

Enable Showroom

Enable your Showroom when you are ready to enable access to your store for customers.  Disable Showroom to temporarily disable access to your Showroom so that you may test/preview any recent changes/updates before publishing to your customers.

Previewing your store

You can use the "Preview Store..." button on the top right corner of this screen to preview your Showroom. After clicking the button you will visit a preview of a buyer account containing just your store. If you haven't yet enabled a season or product for listing on your Showroom, your preview store will be empty.

Adding products to your store

Follow the instructions in Managing Showroom products to add your first collection of products to your Showroom.

Next steps

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